Souls' Refuge

Dinner for Two

We start at (The Shop Name here) where Gabriel and Bear are watching over Matt who is still sleeping. Robin is in the basement checking over his safe as things have settled down here. He decides to call the cabal together to discuss what has happened. Something is wrong with and Robin wants to get to the bottom of it.

We go to Ophelia where she is just hanging up the phone with Kaze. “Help I am in jail” was the gist of the call. She says “I am on it”. Dante arrives to pick up Kaze at the police station. Dante does not care why Kaze is in jail but Kaze will tell him anyway. At this time everyone gets the call from Robin. There is something with Mercutio, get to (The Shop Name here) now.

They all show up and discuss what has happened. They deiced that to find Mercutio and Robin says he could scry for him if he but he does not have a good enough connection to him to do so. He asks if Papa has anything of Mercutio’s to help track him down. Papa takes him off to the side and give him his name “Will that do?” “I believe so” says Robin. The scry was a success but it was a two way success as they would find out.

Matt shot up in bed “They know its here and they are coming for it. We must go to them before they come to us.” Dr. Grey tries to calm him down but Matt will not be calmed, “We must go!”. Dr. Grey and Matt walk down stairs. Matt exclaims, “We must go”, “He has been saying that since he woke up.” says Gabriel. I know where they are and can find them says Matt.

Robin worried that they now know the location of (what ever in gods good name is hiding in the safe) says we must do something to protect my safe. Gabriel has an idea “why not simply push it under ground, that should make it a little harder for them to get at?” “We do not have time to dig a hole and pore concrete you idiot” snaps Robin.“No we don’t”, as he points at Ophelia “but I bet we can get it done quickly all the same”. With a look of defeat Robin asks Ophelia to help with the situation. She says “sure but before we go to the basement let me fix the whole in the floor for you.”

They start working on the safe and all does not go well. The first attempt to push the safe into the ground was met with resistance from the abyss and Ophelia winces in pain as she fights to keep the spell under control. “Sorry no luck, but let me try again” She says. Again the abyss tries to stop the spell form taking hold. She was partial successful in pushing the safe under ground (about 2ft). However, Ophelia does not stop the abyss from crossing over this time and something comes through and takes hold of her. Gabriel and Robin both knew something was off.

Before they could stop her she screams and she was up the stairs. Kaze seeing her running with Gabriel in tow decides to slow her down. He puts a barrier on the front door and she knocked flat on her butt as she tried to run through the door. She stand up and blows a hole where the door and barrier use to be. Gabriel coming up with short of ideas no how to contain the situation thinks to himself “If she is unconscious she wont be able to do anymore damage”. He yells “stop her” and starts to knock her out. A round of blows and she does not go down. She takes off out the door with Gabriel in hot pursuit with everyone else pretty much left in confusion. After a few rounds of tag, Gabriel knocks her out. He immediately tries to get her up and inside. As he does something goes wrong and he hers a pop and feels soothing is off with Ophelia. He looks her over and realized he may have done a little more than knock her out. Telling Kaze that they need a blanket to carry her inside safely he runs of to fetch one.

Ophelia comes through with Gabriel and Kaze standing over her in Gabriel’s bed. When she comes through Gabriel heals her almost as good as new. Ophelia not remembering anything that went on is now very upset by the fact that Gabriel has appeared to have saved her life. She does not like to think that she may actually owe this person a favor.

Once everyone is on their feet Matt starts back in, “We have to go, we have to go”. Robin feeling the safe is as secure as they will be able to get it they decided to head out. As they approach the front door (resembled something Jackson Pollock might have done) after Robin’s failed attempted it put back together Ophelia chuckles to her self. She puts out a hand on the door frame and after a few moments of concentration it is as good as new. Kaze grabs a sign that says Closed and they head off. Papa Ghede decides it would be a good idea if someone stays behind incase someone shows up. Thinking this is a good idea Gabriel leaves behind Bear and says “Guard Ghede”.

Matt was able to unnaturally guide them to where the hideout was. It takes quite some time as Mike was trying to guide as the crow flies and Kaze was trying to do his best to navigate through traffic and one-ways to get to where Mike was pointing. “Stop!” Matt yells “It here”. Looking around all that we see is a run down old house on an empty hill top.

Ophelia does her best to sense where this place could be and determines it must be under the house as she can sense a stairway leading down from under the house. They go into the house and are able to locate a plastered up piece of floor. A good job at hiding the hidden ladder below to the normal eye, but not good enough to get by Ophelia’s magically glare.

They all suit up and magic up for what they can only perceive as an on coming battle with magically doped fraternity boys. Down and down the ladder they go. For what seems like for ever they end up in a massive underground warehouse. The area of which must be greater than a square mile and as black as night. They get out what little flash lights they have and somewhat illuminate the area around them. “I think we should follow the wall as we do not want to get lost” says Gabriel. Everyone thinking this is not such a bad idea decides to follow.

After 10 minutes of walking they come to a corner and continue to follow the wall. After 10 more minutes they come to a body on surgical table hooked up to many different contraptions. As they get up to the table they notice it is Mercutio. With an unease in the air Gabriel immediately starts to unhook Mercutio form all the machines. Taking a moment to clear all the drugs from his system Mercutio pops up in his normal not so good mood. “What happened and where am I?” “Not time for that now” says Robin “we need to get out of her now” Robin and Gabriel help Mercutio to his fee and they all start out with haste.

Kaze decides it would be best to call Pap Ghede and let him know we have Mercutio and that their is no one here so be careful and on the look out. As there is no cell service this far below ground he takes off on his own. A few moments behind the rest of the party follows.

Getting close to the exit someone says “that was a lot easier than I thought it would be”. As if summoned by this stupid phrase 4 foot metal centipedes come out of no where. Kaze off by him self takes the first round of attacks. Two centipedes swarm him and before he knows what happened and without a sound he falls. Moments later more centipedes make their way to the rest of the party that was waiting for them as they had already sensed. them coming.

The group take quite a beating from the first wave of centipedes but were able to kill them all off. They decided its time to hurry and catch up to Kaze as he may be in need of help. They find Kaze being devoured by two centipedes. And after a few seconds of fighting they are able to kill off the last two centipedes.

They make their way to the surface and we end on Robin trying to call Papa Ghede to let him know what has happened and to be ready.


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