Souls' Refuge

Preoccupations and Performances

Mawena was asked to perform at The Abattoir as a representative of the Spring Court. Unknowing of the nature of a fetish club, she recruits Ophelia’s help in better understanding the context of her performance.
p. Ophelia, with some assistance from Dante, had been looking into a peculiar murder case that had taken place near the fetish club, so Ophelia accompanied Mawena to the show. Mawena and Ophelia were greeted by an unexpected doorman – Papa Ghede. Apparantly, for whatever reason, he was working a security job there. He aided Ophelia in getting more access to information regarding the case, and helped get her a brief interview with Maxwell Nighshade of the Abattoir.
p. Meanwhile, Robin Goodfellow was working to obtain and identify several recently unearthed Italian artifacts via mysterious online resources. He had some computer problems afterwards, but Mercutio helped work them out.


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