Souls' Refuge

The machiene man

The gang gathers the body of the fallen Kaze and move him to leave. Realizing it may be to dangerous to try to haul him up the ladder they decide to leave the body in the basement and come back for it later.

As they exit the small run down building they are encountered by someone claiming to be from (vampire councle) and starts asking for names, a reason for being here and number. The gang is not really giving up any answers and has better places to be. The vampire suddenly seems to look really like someone of great importance so Gabriel decides to give him the (book store)’s number.

Gabrieal goes home on Kaze’s bike while the rest of the gang follows up after a stop to McDonalds. Everyone makes it to the (Book store). As they are sitting around having a discussion about the events that have unfolded. Matt makes a break for it. Gabriel and Dante gives chase but quickly loses him in a small alley where a truck backs up to block their path.

Gabriel not willing to let a valuable asset go decides to go get this dog (Bear) and track him down. He runs upstairs gets bear and some of the old badages that they used to heal Matt and heads outside. Papa Ghede decides to help out. He reaches out and grabs bear. Reaches into a pouch pulls out some dust and blows it into Bear’s nose. Gabriel says “Your not getting by dog high again?” Ghede says it will help him tack and yes, maybe a little. Gabriel decides it may to follow suite and places his hand on Bear’s head. Pauses for a moment, and pushes his will to work increasing Bear’s mind.

Gabriel places the bandages below Bear’s nose and says get him boy. Now Bear, roughly equivalent to a dozen tracking dogs, is off. Gabriel and bear make short work of finding Matt. He is about a mile away and asleep in an old dilapidated build in an abandon room.

Bear barks when seeing Matt, only slightly rousing him. “What are you doing here” He questions. “Its time to go back Matt” “But they are coming and I don’t want to be their.” Gabriel says that’s fine, places his hand on his head and “says sleep now.” Moments later Matt is out and sleeping deeper than he ever has. Now how to get him home?

Gabriel calls Robin and asks him to bring a car to help get Matt back to the bookstore. He walks up stairs to Gabriel’s room where Ophelia has passed out looking for her car keys, as his was still in the police impound. As he gets to where the door should have been he only sees a wall. He sighs under his breath and goes to the attic, grabs a sledge hammer, and walks back down to the wall. After a few blows there is a hole in the wall and he stick his head through. “Wheres my door?” Ophelia answers “I hung the do not disturb sign on it, but I guess you can not take a hint.” “No time for that love, I need to borrow your car. Where are your keys?” “Not in here, now go away” “If not in there then where?” “Check my purse in the living room”

Robin gathers up the keys and travels to get Gabriel and Matt. On the way home Gabriel says on the way home “he is getting to be more trouble than he is worth. Is there any reason we are keeping him around?”. “To keep him safe.” Maybe we should look into getting him into the hands of someone that can keep him save and secure and is a little Fair enough, you make the calls I am going to bed." Gabriel calls (xxx) and has her pick up Matt for safe keeping and in his hopes as a step towards finding another soul-stone."

Mercutio asked Papa Ghede if he can crash with him, and he aqueous his request. they are gone by the time Gabriel and Robing show up wtih Matt. Everyone else goes to sleep for the night.

At Papa Ghede’s place of recidance (an old candy factory) Papa heals Mercutio and makes him as good as new, and then they head to bed.

In the Moring EPA shows up to inspect (Bookstore)‘s basement. With Robin’s little toy in the basement he cannot allow this. Robin turns him away, says come back tomorrow. After some “talking” and one thousand dollars the man agrees to go away and come again another day.

Vampire and Robin exchange calls over the next day.

They decied with the man coming back to look at the house they will need to move the safe. They decided that it would be best in Robin’s room. A gun safe in a bedroom should not draw to much attention, they think. And as it is not in the basement they hope it will be out of the way for when the EPA man shows back up the next day.

Vampire watches run down house decides to continue to watch the old rundown place where the gang had a run in with the centipedes. He sees a man leave the basement and decides that he will see what he is up to.

“This is of no concern of yours move along.” the mysterious man says. The vampire insists on knowing what they are doing. After all he was charged with finding out what happened to his fellow vampires. Words are exchanged and things heat up into a fight. In the end the old Vampie takes out what was not a man but a machine disguised as a man. A wired turn of events he thinks to himself.

In the mood of contiuned information exchanged old vampire calls Robin. Robin quickly gathers the gang and they head out to see what is going on. When they show up the vampire slowly shares all the information he has while trying to extract what ever he can from the gang. He slowly comes to realize that they are probably not the ones involved in this.

The higher up Vamps don’t care and want a someone to keep an eye on the mages and act as a liaison between the vamps and the mages.He lets the mages know this and tells him that war will break out if Vampires demands are not met. And as sign of good faith he allows the gang to take robo-body to their higher ups.

Gabriel asks Mercutio to watch over robo-body in trunk of car till after EPA leaves next day. and promises hook up at hospital next day if he comes into emergency room. Remember act “Hurt and in pain, like we used to do back in the day. Put on a good show or now candy he smiles as he goes to bed” Mercutio says its a deal and he will see him the next day. He turns to the car and with a few words of power the cars truck becomes a solid metal box that anyone would have trouble getting into and the noise they would have to make to get into it would surly bring lots of attention.


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