Souls' Refuge


It is Sunday night, the night at Jeffrey’s party. Papa has put together quite the party for Jeffrey. As Robin pulls up to the Arcana Cabana he sees whites lights crisscrossing in the sky, hears loud music and the seas Jeffrey getting out of the limo with a woman on either side of him, shortly followed by his wife. His wife looks none to happy as a two women on their side of her husband are getting more than a little friend. He pushes them off and takes his wives hand. Robin gets out of his car rubs his temples and thanks to himself I don’t have time for this shit. He takes a moment to get a his thoughts together and on himself he casts the perfect moment. He starts to clear out the Arcana cabana and direct them to Papa’s candy factory. Papa says he does not want them at his place as a secret base. What is the point of a secret base if everyone knows where it is. Gabriel decides to intervene and casts inspiration on Papa tells him maybe a party at the candy factory would be a good idea. Papa decides yes it would be a good idea to have a party at the candy factory. He thinks to himself. I get to sell more drugs I can charge another door charge, I can make a good amount more money by doing this. The party moves to the candy factory and the night ends in a disco rave a Papa’s candy factory.

The next day is Monday and the crew goes about the daily lives; going to work, taking care of bills and whatever else they do during the week. Gabriel feeling obligated to Mawena decides to do something nice for her. Over the next week while she’s at work he slowly but surely methodically works on her garden that resides on the top of the Arcana Cabana. Mawena notices that somebody has been working on the garden does not bring it up to anyone in the house. Which is just fine with Gabriel.

Papa all week long works on making a breakthrough with life magic. Slowly but surely he gains a little ground each day. Suddenly, all once the magic is clear to him everything makes since. Life is all connected, the strings are all connected, he is now a master of life magic able to bend life to his will as he sees fit. Mercutio has been acting weird for quite some time. Papa decides to investigate. He slowly slowly scrutinizes Mercutio . After a bit he sees something wrong. There something in his brain that is not quite right. Papa slowly but surely works against whatever darkness is afflicting Mercutio’s brain. Mercutio slowly coming out of haze he has been in says “about time you fixed what was wrong with me”.

All week long Robin Ophelia and Gabriel have this nagging feeling that something is working against them, making things not happen as they should. There unable to put their finger on it and push it off paranoia and none of them brings it up to the other.

It is now Friday and everyone shows up for the usual meeting at the Arcana Cabana. Papa has made a small stick figure like creature that he has brought with him and offers it to Ophelia as a pet. Everyone does not know what to make of this and tries to pass the little stick creature off on the next person. Finally after an hour or so has gone by the poor stick figure stops being alive and become just a pile of dirt and twigs

The gang decides to start discussing what they will do for the weekend. They decided that they must take care of Krampus and hopefully bring the children back to their parents. Robin takes the eggnog that Mawena and Gabriel procured from Jeffrey’s wife. Robin scrutinizes it looking for any links between the eggnog and its creator. Slowly but surely he realizes that the location where this was made could not not nr too far from where they are now. He is sure if they travel just a little bit he wuold recognize the place where the eggnog came from. As the gang is getting ready to leave who’s pulls up but Mercutio. You all think I’m crazy I know but I’m not. Ophelia where is your phone going when you make a call. She says to whomever I call? No but before that where does it go, Mercutio asks? She decides to see where the signal does. She slowly but surely realizes that her phone is being tapped by an unknown IP. She blinks and thinks about it for a moment. She asks Mawena for her phone to try to see if it is also tapped. Slowly but surely she takes everyone’s phone and they all are tapped by mysterious IP. She tells the gang what he has decovered, thanks to Merctio. Robin says “Gabriel smash them”. Gabriel goes inside and gets a sledgehammer and comes back outside. He picks up the phones and smash them one by one by one. Ophelia is none to happy about this and asks “who is going to buy me a new phone”. Robin groans, “I will buy you a new phone”

No longer worried about being tracked the gang sets out. They drive for an hour or so till Robin comes up on old brewery. He is sure this is the place where the eggnog has come from. He drives a couple blocks away and parks his car. The Gang unloads from the cars and slowly but surly makes their way back to the brewery. They walk around the building to see if there’s an easy way in. As they do Gabriel search for consciousness inside the building. He detects one alien presence and four human consciousnesses. He tells the gang there is something in there and they have people with them. Around back of the building there’s a fire escape and Gabriel climbs it quickly. As he makes it look in the top of the building he looks for skylight. As he climbs the rest the gang head for the front building. Gabriel quickly notices there are no skylights on top of the building and he makes his way down the building and catches up with the rest the gang.

At the front of the building they try the front door and it is locked but only for a moment before Ophelia’s magic unlocks it. They walk in and notice only one large vat in the brewery. At one time there were probably more judging from large rings on the floor. Robin opens the the valve on the vat slowly to let a little of what resides in the vat out to see what is in this massive tank. He recognizes the liquid that comes out to be the same eggnog that has been showing up in peoples houses. The same houses where their children have gone missing and the parents had been losing their minds.

The basement Gabriel says, I can since the consciousnesses below us. Robin and Gabriel look around a few moments and they find a trap door leading down. Gabriel goes first and he starts to make his way down the stairs. As he does he starts to work some magic. He looks suddenly more like an Olympian athlete; fit, agile, just more then he was just a moment ago. As he gets halfway down the stairs hears a voice “who enters my abode”. Gabriel shines the flashlight around the room and notices children locked in a cage and in the corner yellow eyes fixed on him. He moves the flashlight to the corner and sees what he beleaves to be Krampus. He replies “I have brought someone who wishes to talk to you” as he finishes going down the stairs; stalling for time. At the top of the stairs Papa works his magic. His muscles begin to grow and grow as they ripped through his shirt. Ophelia makes her way down trying to hide in the darkness. Mawena follows close behind and starts to speak to say we are here for the children. Krampus says I have acquired these children fairly in hunt. Do you wish to steal what I have rightly taken? Mawena says “these are my kin and I am here take them back”. “These are non-of your blood, you have no claim on them” grumbles Krampus. Gabriel projects to her mind “Jeffrey Jenkins has sent us to reclaim his son”. “Jeffrey Jenkins is one of my vessel’s. His son you have taken and I have claim on him. I have come to take him back along with the other three children.” “It’s a challenge you offer then” Krampus replies “name your sphere of battle”. Mawena thinks "I choose entertainment (after all she’s a dancer very good one at that). “I do not accept these terms, I will keep these children and you may go”. “Are you afraid” questions Mawena? Krampus laughs “You amuse me I will allow you the Jeffrey’s child, take him and go”. Gabriel is not willing not leave any of the children with Krampus. He slowly but surely walks across the room to free all the children. As he does Krampus reaches out to grab his wrist but miss.

A fight ensues, Pap rushes Krampus with his Bowie knife stabbing him. Mercutio fires from up the stairs. Gabriel casts the evil eye on Krampus. Mawena acts to strike it with her dagger severely misses, thinking to her self this is useless she goes to the cage to let the children out. As she does Ophelia locks the cage to the children may be taken away. Krampus swipes at Gabriel again. Gabriel dodges and it looks like something out of kung fu movie. The children “cry did you see that?” as their disbelief unravels Gabriel’s spells. Gabriel starts to casts a spell. He feels it start to rip a part and go wild and he takes a hit to his life to keep it together. He slowly starts to grow muscles. And his body resembles that of Papa now and he moves to attack Krampus. Another stab from Papa, another shot from Mercutio and Robin cast suppurative luck on Gabriel. Gabriel prepares to strike knowing that he will strike true but before he can Krampus yells “I yield, Spare me on this day and I will graduate debt that is owed to me” and the children will be yours. Gabriel says “and you’ll shall hunt no more in the city”! Mawena says “shush I will talk here you insubordinate fool.” “I find these terms acceptable but as subordinate has mentioned you shall hunt Chicago no more”. Krampus agrees and says on the solstice say my name three times and I will give you what is owed." I will move on from Chicago to hunt here no more as grounds are protected.

The gang work the rest of the night getting the four children returned to their parents. As they do Papa lifts the vale that was placed upon them by the eggnog restoring their memories of the child they lost.

Lets make a deal

The gang gathers at the Arcana cabana. They are ready to strike off into the never never and retrieve a Sulstone for Gabriel. They all pile into Robin’s car and head off. They drive and drive until they come to a small abandon house the garage off the side. This is where it is Mawena says. They walk up to the garage and Mawena opens the door and there’s nothing inside but an empty garage. She laughs at her self she’s forgotten something she close the door takes a moment to gather power and reopens the door. This time you see into the never never be careful she says. Make no deals with anyone eat nothing except no gifts.

The gang for the arises the travel here is not the same as the trouble in the real world. A straight line does not necessarily lead you straight. Three rides don’t necessarily make you end up where you started. For this reason they all follow Mawena as she leads the way. The walk for quite a while Mawena and Robin step over a route. As soon as they get over the route it becomes alive and starts to attack lashes out at ophelia but comes up just short. Ophelia shapes a solid wall of air in front of her to protect her from the root. Mawena yells out don’t let it touch you. Gabriel makes tactical retreat as Papa pushes forward with his iron Bowie knife and starts hacking at the root. Robin let’s of a round with the shotgun. The root lashes out and hits Ophelia but she shrugs it off. After another stab of Papa’s knife and a round from Robin’s shotgun the vine dies. Out spews a heart and it speaks “let me live…” Then with out hesitation Papa stabs the heart and it withers and dies. They continue on looking for the troll when they come upon a familiar face. Hello Mawena she hears. I am surprised to see you here mother would be interested to here you have come home. I would prefer you not tell her I am here. Well I think we can come to some type of deal. I tell you what a favor for a favor, I will not tell her you are here if you do me a small favor to be named in the future in the land of the mortals? Mawena begrudgingly accepts with the add on that he tell us where Arabec is located. He gives directions that no one seems to understand but Mawena. They continue on till they come to a small hut that seems in a clearing that fit the destination of where Mawena’s friend had described where it should have been. Just as they start to look into the hit it stands up. Holly hell says Robin. What do you want. Gabriel speaks up, you took something that does not belong to you and we are here to retrieve it. I tell you what I will make you a deal I need you to be an ambassador to the winter court. After what seemed to be an hour of talking in a mental connection Gabriel had set up about how they were not to make deals, that it would be easier to kill him and how that would bring Mawena’s mother, Mawena accepts. Ophelia transcribes as Arabec talks. Arabec takes his seal from the ground and seals the request to the winter court.

They spend many an hours trying to make their way out out because Mawena would not accept Gabriel’s help. After she finally accepts his help they are out in 15 minutes.

Before they leave Robin casts some bad luck on Gabriel because of the resistance and anoyance of accepting deal from Arabec faster.

They make there way back to the Arcana Cabana and slowly realize that 2 months have passed. Everyone takes time to contact their jobs and not get fired and pay past due bills.

The Awkward car ride

A couple days pass and the gang goes on with their day to day lives. Opheilia works a forensic mortician, Robin runs his book store, Gabriel goes to the hospital, Papa helps others improve the quality of their recreational lives, Merctio works on building a garage in an old run down candy factory and Dante does whatever it is that a Dante does.

Robin wakes to an early morning call from Genji asking about the robot. Answers a few other questions that he wanted to and blew off the rest. Then gives him Mercutio’s number, after all he is the one working on it.

Genji plays phone tag and feels the lack of cooperation from the gang decides it would be best to have a face to face with everyone and schedules one for the next night.

The next day before the meeting Gabriel has a discussion with Robin about going to the Harbingers old hideout. It occurs to Gabriel that their yet may be a soulstone there form him. After all Demesne are made from using them and he knows that they could have used his for such things. As it was made to be an evil place by the years of horrible things that happened their Gabriel did not want to venture into the place alone and asks the gang to assist him on said task.

Genji shows up and the meeting takes a different tone. He is asking questions about the robot, the Deeps, and Matt. The questions are answered as best they can be but for the most part not answered at all. As the gang has been working on answers they have normal lives that have to lead as well. They make a promise to look more into the robot over the next day and next night they will go with him to look into the Deeps.

The next day after breakfast the gang heads out to the old Harbingers demesne. They get there and find the old building in state of ruin that suggests that no one has been their in years. Gabriel leads the gang to the old demesne, which is below the building in what appears to be the basement of the building. It is a good sized room, about that of a four car garage, and before you enter you are hit with a sense of unease and horror. Gabriel says “I do not miss that feeling one bit. Be on guard we don’t know what kind of fouls beasts may live in this place”.

They get into the demesne and Gabriel goes to work. He starts to scrutinize room looking for a soul-stone. After a few minutes he locates the source of the rooms power. He goes to the wall and points to it. “Its behind here” he says as he looks at Ophelia for a helping hand. She walks up to the wall and punches it a few time and removes the debris from the hole. She sees the soul-stone and quickly snatches it up. Much faster than Gabriel gave her credit for being.

As she ponders over the stone, Gabriel asks for it. Ophelia does not comply with his wishes. So Gabriel pauses for a moment with his hand out. Seeing she is not going to give him the stone he moves as quickly as he can to snatch it from her.

Success, he was quite faster than she was this time and she seems a little annoyed by this but says nothing. After a few minutes of looking it over Gabriel says “This is not my soul-stone but it could lead us to one of the other Harbingers. As most of the other Harbingers are dead my best guess is that it will lead us to Onyx.”

Ophelia gets sick by the idea of the soul-stone and it not belonging to Gabriel. Hows could it be, what did the person go through that they took it from. She gets over whelmed and out of the demesne she runs. Up stairs she starts to throw-up and enters a fugue state.

Plop! Gabriel feels something land on his head then his shoulder then grab onto his hair. He rolls to the floor trying to avoid what ever it is coming after him but its to late. A small brownie(Name) lands on his head. As Gabriel is sitting on the floor the brownie from atop his head says “hello what are you doing in my home.”.

Mawena and Gabby (A happy go lucky Brownie) have a discussion about how the gang has indentured on his home and what they can do to make it up to her. Gabby asks if Mawena has claim to these pets she travels with. “I like this one, he smells good. He reminds me of a stone I once had.” A million things run through Gabriel’s mind and he prepairs himself to nicely interrogate Gabby to find out about this stone. Mawena says I tell you what I will give you this metal back massage to make up for the intrusion. It was a long purple cylinder tube that sparkled in the light. Gabby thought this was an acceptable exchange for the intrusion of his home.

As soon as Mawena was done with her conversation, Gabriel started in. So about this stone that you use to have that smelled like me, do you know where it is now. Gabby says that it was stolen from her a while ago by a green meanie that like to come take her things. She said she had lost a lot of things to this big green meanie. Gabriel says he would happily retrieve all her things if were able to keep said stone. He just needed all the information (Brownie) could provide to him.

After Gabriel and Gabby were done finishing up their conversation Ophelia comes back down and demands that Gabriel give her the stone as it did not belong to him.

“It does not belong to you either” he insists “but I was the one how found it. Also it will possible lead me to more of the soul stones that I need. You have no use for it.”

Ophelia does not care and insist that it be given to her as no good can come from Gabriel owning it. Gabriel insists that can use it to recover some soul stones that belong to him and will not be returning it. After many words are exchanged and the argument does not appear to be progressing in the direction Ophelia she decides to up the anti.

With just a thought and a moments passing Gabriel’s shirt turns to granite . Give it to me she insists. Gabriel now infuriated “Turn it back he demands”. Ophelia says no and demands the stone once again.

He pulls forth his power and gains great strength and breaks him self out of the granite shirt. Mawena steps in and says the stone is safe Gabriel you can have it once we get back to the house. Mawena had Puck steal it while Ophelia and Gabriel were arguing. She did not want to see a fight.

Gabriel’s rage grows. These people agreed to come help him and now were doing everything but, there was a wrecking coming. “Give it back NOW!” Gabriel demands. Mawena says the stone is safe at (Bookstore) and he can have it back once they get to the store. Gabriel takes a long look around the room and is unable to see any signs of it.

He thinks to himself, “She must have sent it to the (Bookstore) some how”. Running out of patients and options he makes his way to the car.

After a long car ride home with no one saying a word they make it back to (Bookstore). Once they get in the front door, Gabriel immediately asks for the shard. Mawena gives it to Puck (Her mighty ferret) to take to Robin. Gabriel tired of playing games looks at Puck and without saying a word commands the ferret to give the stone to him, and the ferret immediately walks it over to him and places it in his hand. And that is where we leave our mighty adventurers till next week.

The machiene man

The gang gathers the body of the fallen Kaze and move him to leave. Realizing it may be to dangerous to try to haul him up the ladder they decide to leave the body in the basement and come back for it later.

As they exit the small run down building they are encountered by someone claiming to be from (vampire councle) and starts asking for names, a reason for being here and number. The gang is not really giving up any answers and has better places to be. The vampire suddenly seems to look really like someone of great importance so Gabriel decides to give him the (book store)’s number.

Gabrieal goes home on Kaze’s bike while the rest of the gang follows up after a stop to McDonalds. Everyone makes it to the (Book store). As they are sitting around having a discussion about the events that have unfolded. Matt makes a break for it. Gabriel and Dante gives chase but quickly loses him in a small alley where a truck backs up to block their path.

Gabriel not willing to let a valuable asset go decides to go get this dog (Bear) and track him down. He runs upstairs gets bear and some of the old badages that they used to heal Matt and heads outside. Papa Ghede decides to help out. He reaches out and grabs bear. Reaches into a pouch pulls out some dust and blows it into Bear’s nose. Gabriel says “Your not getting by dog high again?” Ghede says it will help him tack and yes, maybe a little. Gabriel decides it may to follow suite and places his hand on Bear’s head. Pauses for a moment, and pushes his will to work increasing Bear’s mind.

Gabriel places the bandages below Bear’s nose and says get him boy. Now Bear, roughly equivalent to a dozen tracking dogs, is off. Gabriel and bear make short work of finding Matt. He is about a mile away and asleep in an old dilapidated build in an abandon room.

Bear barks when seeing Matt, only slightly rousing him. “What are you doing here” He questions. “Its time to go back Matt” “But they are coming and I don’t want to be their.” Gabriel says that’s fine, places his hand on his head and “says sleep now.” Moments later Matt is out and sleeping deeper than he ever has. Now how to get him home?

Gabriel calls Robin and asks him to bring a car to help get Matt back to the bookstore. He walks up stairs to Gabriel’s room where Ophelia has passed out looking for her car keys, as his was still in the police impound. As he gets to where the door should have been he only sees a wall. He sighs under his breath and goes to the attic, grabs a sledge hammer, and walks back down to the wall. After a few blows there is a hole in the wall and he stick his head through. “Wheres my door?” Ophelia answers “I hung the do not disturb sign on it, but I guess you can not take a hint.” “No time for that love, I need to borrow your car. Where are your keys?” “Not in here, now go away” “If not in there then where?” “Check my purse in the living room”

Robin gathers up the keys and travels to get Gabriel and Matt. On the way home Gabriel says on the way home “he is getting to be more trouble than he is worth. Is there any reason we are keeping him around?”. “To keep him safe.” Maybe we should look into getting him into the hands of someone that can keep him save and secure and is a little Fair enough, you make the calls I am going to bed." Gabriel calls (xxx) and has her pick up Matt for safe keeping and in his hopes as a step towards finding another soul-stone."

Mercutio asked Papa Ghede if he can crash with him, and he aqueous his request. they are gone by the time Gabriel and Robing show up wtih Matt. Everyone else goes to sleep for the night.

At Papa Ghede’s place of recidance (an old candy factory) Papa heals Mercutio and makes him as good as new, and then they head to bed.

In the Moring EPA shows up to inspect (Bookstore)‘s basement. With Robin’s little toy in the basement he cannot allow this. Robin turns him away, says come back tomorrow. After some “talking” and one thousand dollars the man agrees to go away and come again another day.

Vampire and Robin exchange calls over the next day.

They decied with the man coming back to look at the house they will need to move the safe. They decided that it would be best in Robin’s room. A gun safe in a bedroom should not draw to much attention, they think. And as it is not in the basement they hope it will be out of the way for when the EPA man shows back up the next day.

Vampire watches run down house decides to continue to watch the old rundown place where the gang had a run in with the centipedes. He sees a man leave the basement and decides that he will see what he is up to.

“This is of no concern of yours move along.” the mysterious man says. The vampire insists on knowing what they are doing. After all he was charged with finding out what happened to his fellow vampires. Words are exchanged and things heat up into a fight. In the end the old Vampie takes out what was not a man but a machine disguised as a man. A wired turn of events he thinks to himself.

In the mood of contiuned information exchanged old vampire calls Robin. Robin quickly gathers the gang and they head out to see what is going on. When they show up the vampire slowly shares all the information he has while trying to extract what ever he can from the gang. He slowly comes to realize that they are probably not the ones involved in this.

The higher up Vamps don’t care and want a someone to keep an eye on the mages and act as a liaison between the vamps and the mages.He lets the mages know this and tells him that war will break out if Vampires demands are not met. And as sign of good faith he allows the gang to take robo-body to their higher ups.

Gabriel asks Mercutio to watch over robo-body in trunk of car till after EPA leaves next day. and promises hook up at hospital next day if he comes into emergency room. Remember act “Hurt and in pain, like we used to do back in the day. Put on a good show or now candy he smiles as he goes to bed” Mercutio says its a deal and he will see him the next day. He turns to the car and with a few words of power the cars truck becomes a solid metal box that anyone would have trouble getting into and the noise they would have to make to get into it would surly bring lots of attention.

Dinner for Two

We start at (The Shop Name here) where Gabriel and Bear are watching over Matt who is still sleeping. Robin is in the basement checking over his safe as things have settled down here. He decides to call the cabal together to discuss what has happened. Something is wrong with and Robin wants to get to the bottom of it.

We go to Ophelia where she is just hanging up the phone with Kaze. “Help I am in jail” was the gist of the call. She says “I am on it”. Dante arrives to pick up Kaze at the police station. Dante does not care why Kaze is in jail but Kaze will tell him anyway. At this time everyone gets the call from Robin. There is something with Mercutio, get to (The Shop Name here) now.

They all show up and discuss what has happened. They deiced that to find Mercutio and Robin says he could scry for him if he but he does not have a good enough connection to him to do so. He asks if Papa has anything of Mercutio’s to help track him down. Papa takes him off to the side and give him his name “Will that do?” “I believe so” says Robin. The scry was a success but it was a two way success as they would find out.

Matt shot up in bed “They know its here and they are coming for it. We must go to them before they come to us.” Dr. Grey tries to calm him down but Matt will not be calmed, “We must go!”. Dr. Grey and Matt walk down stairs. Matt exclaims, “We must go”, “He has been saying that since he woke up.” says Gabriel. I know where they are and can find them says Matt.

Robin worried that they now know the location of (what ever in gods good name is hiding in the safe) says we must do something to protect my safe. Gabriel has an idea “why not simply push it under ground, that should make it a little harder for them to get at?” “We do not have time to dig a hole and pore concrete you idiot” snaps Robin.“No we don’t”, as he points at Ophelia “but I bet we can get it done quickly all the same”. With a look of defeat Robin asks Ophelia to help with the situation. She says “sure but before we go to the basement let me fix the whole in the floor for you.”

They start working on the safe and all does not go well. The first attempt to push the safe into the ground was met with resistance from the abyss and Ophelia winces in pain as she fights to keep the spell under control. “Sorry no luck, but let me try again” She says. Again the abyss tries to stop the spell form taking hold. She was partial successful in pushing the safe under ground (about 2ft). However, Ophelia does not stop the abyss from crossing over this time and something comes through and takes hold of her. Gabriel and Robin both knew something was off.

Before they could stop her she screams and she was up the stairs. Kaze seeing her running with Gabriel in tow decides to slow her down. He puts a barrier on the front door and she knocked flat on her butt as she tried to run through the door. She stand up and blows a hole where the door and barrier use to be. Gabriel coming up with short of ideas no how to contain the situation thinks to himself “If she is unconscious she wont be able to do anymore damage”. He yells “stop her” and starts to knock her out. A round of blows and she does not go down. She takes off out the door with Gabriel in hot pursuit with everyone else pretty much left in confusion. After a few rounds of tag, Gabriel knocks her out. He immediately tries to get her up and inside. As he does something goes wrong and he hers a pop and feels soothing is off with Ophelia. He looks her over and realized he may have done a little more than knock her out. Telling Kaze that they need a blanket to carry her inside safely he runs of to fetch one.

Ophelia comes through with Gabriel and Kaze standing over her in Gabriel’s bed. When she comes through Gabriel heals her almost as good as new. Ophelia not remembering anything that went on is now very upset by the fact that Gabriel has appeared to have saved her life. She does not like to think that she may actually owe this person a favor.

Once everyone is on their feet Matt starts back in, “We have to go, we have to go”. Robin feeling the safe is as secure as they will be able to get it they decided to head out. As they approach the front door (resembled something Jackson Pollock might have done) after Robin’s failed attempted it put back together Ophelia chuckles to her self. She puts out a hand on the door frame and after a few moments of concentration it is as good as new. Kaze grabs a sign that says Closed and they head off. Papa Ghede decides it would be a good idea if someone stays behind incase someone shows up. Thinking this is a good idea Gabriel leaves behind Bear and says “Guard Ghede”.

Matt was able to unnaturally guide them to where the hideout was. It takes quite some time as Mike was trying to guide as the crow flies and Kaze was trying to do his best to navigate through traffic and one-ways to get to where Mike was pointing. “Stop!” Matt yells “It here”. Looking around all that we see is a run down old house on an empty hill top.

Ophelia does her best to sense where this place could be and determines it must be under the house as she can sense a stairway leading down from under the house. They go into the house and are able to locate a plastered up piece of floor. A good job at hiding the hidden ladder below to the normal eye, but not good enough to get by Ophelia’s magically glare.

They all suit up and magic up for what they can only perceive as an on coming battle with magically doped fraternity boys. Down and down the ladder they go. For what seems like for ever they end up in a massive underground warehouse. The area of which must be greater than a square mile and as black as night. They get out what little flash lights they have and somewhat illuminate the area around them. “I think we should follow the wall as we do not want to get lost” says Gabriel. Everyone thinking this is not such a bad idea decides to follow.

After 10 minutes of walking they come to a corner and continue to follow the wall. After 10 more minutes they come to a body on surgical table hooked up to many different contraptions. As they get up to the table they notice it is Mercutio. With an unease in the air Gabriel immediately starts to unhook Mercutio form all the machines. Taking a moment to clear all the drugs from his system Mercutio pops up in his normal not so good mood. “What happened and where am I?” “Not time for that now” says Robin “we need to get out of her now” Robin and Gabriel help Mercutio to his fee and they all start out with haste.

Kaze decides it would be best to call Pap Ghede and let him know we have Mercutio and that their is no one here so be careful and on the look out. As there is no cell service this far below ground he takes off on his own. A few moments behind the rest of the party follows.

Getting close to the exit someone says “that was a lot easier than I thought it would be”. As if summoned by this stupid phrase 4 foot metal centipedes come out of no where. Kaze off by him self takes the first round of attacks. Two centipedes swarm him and before he knows what happened and without a sound he falls. Moments later more centipedes make their way to the rest of the party that was waiting for them as they had already sensed. them coming.

The group take quite a beating from the first wave of centipedes but were able to kill them all off. They decided its time to hurry and catch up to Kaze as he may be in need of help. They find Kaze being devoured by two centipedes. And after a few seconds of fighting they are able to kill off the last two centipedes.

They make their way to the surface and we end on Robin trying to call Papa Ghede to let him know what has happened and to be ready.

Drugs are bad, mmmm k

Ophelia was given orders to look into the drug that may or may not be causing people to become awakened and put a stop to it. So she quickly put Kaze to work doing just that. Informing him, the only connection they had to the drug was a fraternity at the University of Illinois.

Kaze decided the best course of action was to infiltrate the fraternity so he decided to enroll in college. As the fall semester had already started he looked to do a late enrollment but due to a language barrier and unfortunate string of events end up being band from campus unless he could gets enrolled in the college.

Not feeling let down he decided to just show up to the fraternity and hopefully find a party he could blend in to while doing some covert surveillance. No such luck, as no body was home. He decided it was time for a little B&E. He waited to make sure no one was home. While he waited Mike showed up, out of his mind and without eyes. However Mike did not let them him stop from seeing. He turned to Kaze who had been hiding quite well in the bushes and asked for his assistance as Kaze “Had the light”. Presumably he wanted his help to awaken. Kaze agreed on one condition; if it works you shall do no harm to a living soul.

Kaze sent out an SOS to Ophelia that went unanswered. So next he decided to enlist the help of Dr. Grey and Robin via a text. “Grab the suitcase from my house and bring it to the fraternity”. As Robin busy with a floating safe he declined not to help and sent Dr. Grey to assist.

Kaze, under the instruction of Matt, made the potion to bring him to the light. After drinking said potion Mike went unconscious shortly after a loud hysterical fit of madness. Which brought the cops. Explaining it away as a D&D campaign getting out of control and letting the cops search the premises they were happy to let the noise complaint slide with a warning.

Dr. Grey showed up and attended to Matt while Kaze loaded all the contraband he had used to make the potion into the car. Kaze searched the house as Dr. Grey took the contraband and Mike to the bookstore. Kaze found a small thumb drive before heading out and leaving behind the mysterious suitcase.

Dr. Grey took Matt inside the bookstore he called home to keep a close medical supervision on him. Shortly there after Kaze shows, at the same time Mercutio pulls with a crew in 8 black vans. Kaze took cover while Mercutio jumps out of one of the vans. He walks up to the front door and kicks it in . Then as if out of a movie Mercutio unload on the floor around him. Robin in the basment not knowing what is going on sets off the alarm. Then Mercutio jumps and falls through to the basement where he nonchalantly starts a conversation with Robin about wanting what he has in the safe, letting him know that by saying no he was making a grave mistake. Robin knowing Mercutio, declines and asks him to leave as he has overstayed his welcome. Mercutio leaves without the item in the safe.

Kaze decides it is a good time to relocate the car full of contraband before the cops show up and start asking questions.

Once the cops do show up Dr. Grey decides to take lead and smooth over the situation. Which he does with all the grace of a one legged gazelle running from a cheetah. Robin decides to save a drowning man and steps up. He tells the cops Mercutio broke into his store, shot up the floor then stole his car. The police liking Robin’s explanation of the chain of events that had happened write out a police report and say a detective my be around in a day or so to talk further.

Flash forward to Kaze. He gives all the contraband to his order and tells them he left the suitcase in the basement of the fraternity as instructed. Meanwhile he gets a text from Robin saying “Cars hot”. Lost in translation Kaze feels the hood and says no its cool and goes for a joy ride where he is picked up by the police and taken to jail.

Preoccupations and Performances

Mawena was asked to perform at The Abattoir as a representative of the Spring Court. Unknowing of the nature of a fetish club, she recruits Ophelia’s help in better understanding the context of her performance.
p. Ophelia, with some assistance from Dante, had been looking into a peculiar murder case that had taken place near the fetish club, so Ophelia accompanied Mawena to the show. Mawena and Ophelia were greeted by an unexpected doorman – Papa Ghede. Apparantly, for whatever reason, he was working a security job there. He aided Ophelia in getting more access to information regarding the case, and helped get her a brief interview with Maxwell Nighshade of the Abattoir.
p. Meanwhile, Robin Goodfellow was working to obtain and identify several recently unearthed Italian artifacts via mysterious online resources. He had some computer problems afterwards, but Mercutio helped work them out.

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