Ophelias Awakening

College life was quite busy for both Angelina and Terry. WIth advanced classes for Angelina and practices and frat parties for Terry, there was not much time for socializing. However, they always made time for one another. Every other weekend without fail they would meet up for breakfast or lunch to catch up on family gossip, relationship advice, or an impromptu cram session. Then one weekend Terry failed to show up. Being worried, she called his cell phone, it went to voice mail. She sent text messages, and then finally emailed him. After a week of no response, Angelina personally stopped by his frat house to check on him in person.

On the way, she ran into one of the cheerleaders she had seen on Terry’s facebook. Miranda was her name. Her and Terry and dated for a while so she didn’t feel too our of place asking after her brother. Miranda had told her that Terry had been sent home sick from football practice last week due to strange behavior, bouts of anger and paranoia and finally because he had snapped one afternoon claiming they “we’re at war”, he had to “reinforce the line”. Blaming it on overstress he was sent home until he could foucs his efforts on practice.

Upon visiting her brother she found him cloisterd in his room. He looked really sick with his hair slicked back and stuck to his face by sweat. His skin was pale with a bright crimson flush to his face. His lips were dry and cracked, dried blood etching them in places. It reminded her of when he had had chicken pox as kids. She knew the signs of fever when she saw them. As she glaced around the room she grew even more worried. The windows were covered over with blankets, and the room was littered in papers scribbled with illegable scribbles and strange symbols. She reached down, picked up a few sheets and looked at what was written all over them. Their were dark sketches of creatures she’d never seen, and frantic incoherent notes. Once her eyes glimpsed the symbols however, something clicked in her head. The room seemed to shift and she fell into a slight trance and could no longer focus on anything but the image burned into her mind. Suddenly, Terry cried out from his feverish sleep in some uninteligable but seemingly familiar words she could not understand. At the sound of his voice she snapped out of her trance and rushed to her brothers side. He lay in his bed, eyes open, red, strained, and with deep dark bags lingering beneath. He was looking past her at something she could not see. There was something not right.

After trying to talk to him for nearly two hours, to no avail, she had had no choice but to call their parents and the family doctor. Worried about her brother and curious as to what it was he had been dreaming and writing about she gathered a stack of the papers and waited with her brother until the doctor could come look him over. Terry was taken home for bed rest and close monitoring until he snapped out of what ever was going on. Tests had shown there was no trace of any drugs in his system and the doctor could find nothing physically wrong with him. What ever he was going threw was a mental issue he was going to have to work though.

Over the next few weeks Angelinas mother had been in touch via email keeping her informed as to her brothers condition. She tried to go one with her day to day routine. Pushing though was difficult as she was really worried about Terry. As she walked though the square she could not help but think about the last email she had recieved. His condition had not changed. In fact, it was getting worse. Twice they had found him roaming around babbeling words no one could understand and had to be sedated. She was fearful that he would be this way forever, and no one would know why.

With out thinking about where she was going she made her way to the Mud House. It was her and Terry’s favoirve place to meetup. She sat down at their favorite table and was about to settle in when she realized where she was. Today was Sunday, her meetup day. Unexpectedly her phone started ringing. Snapped out of her daze she started digging through her purse to find her phone and stumbled upon the pages she had taken from her brothers room. Setting them aside on the table she reached for her phone. It was wedged between her wallet and tablet. It stopped ringing. “Must not have been that important” she thought. Turning her attention back to the pages on the table, she began to study the strange writing. Again the symbols spoke to her and lured her into a stupor. Seeing only the symbols emblazed though her minds eye there was nothing else. The world seemed to fall away and all that mattered were the words that were being spoken, a soft chanting. Getting louder and stronger. They were what was important, nothing else mattered. As the voices grew stronger the written words fell away from her vision. She could now see a landscape of some sort. Her surroundings somehow seemed familiar, and in the distance she could make out a massive tower. As she looked upon it, the voices grew louder, and she felt as if she needed to see it, to touch it. Her feet began to move forward of their own accord. Angelina was frightened, and enthralled, and at home. The pounding of her heart joined in the rythmic song that had been building. Then her name….“Angelina”…..Angelina? Was that right?….Ophelia….the wind called to her. That was familiar. “Angelina…Angelina!!!”

A hand touched her shoulder. She looked up. It was Lauren. Puzzled, Angelina looked around, she was sitting at her table at the Mud House. Lauren looked down at her worriedly. “Are you feeling okay sweetie? I heard about your brother.” She said with a look of concern. “Is he doing any better?” “No, not really” Angelina replied. “We aren’t sure what’s wrong. All we can do is hope he snaps out of it.” “I’m sorry to hear that” said Lauren. “You know, I think I just might go home. It’s just not the same here without Terry” explained Angelina. “I understand hun, you take care and keep us all updated. We’ve missed you two” replied Lauren. Confused and worried about what had just happend Angelina made her way back to her apartment. She was determined to figure out what all of this was about, what it meant. She just hoped that she didn’t go crazy in the process. Or was it already too late.

To Be Continued….

Ophelias Awakening

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