The Abattoir

The Abattoir is a Chicago cabal based out of a performance space of the same name.

In the late ‘90s, Sartordi’s Satanic Sideshow toured America’s growing underground fetish scene, performing at clubs in several major cities and caterinog to a young generation with a newfound fascination for piercing, body art, and sexual “uniqueness”. The shows were brilliant displays of acrobatics, pyrotechnics and prestidigitation, adding macabre circus themes to weekly S&M bonndage shows. The performance group members would swoop in for a week or two, perform for whatever payment they could find and leave as quickly and mysteriously as they arrived. Repeat performances were rare, even though the performance group attracted fans in nearly every city they visited.

Over time the Abattoir picked up a reputation. In every city where they performed, there had also always seemed to be some kind of conflict where their specialized forms of “diplomacy” and talents were put to use in resolving issues for people of power. Was this mearly coincidence? Many thought not. Then for some unknown reason the cabal decided to set their roots in Chicago making it their new base of operations.

Once in Chicago the cabal soon set up shop from the renovated remains of a closed movie theater. Keeping with the theme of their sideshow past, the theater interior was decorated in black-, red-, and white striped circus patterns. Having been settled in for several years now, their fetish shows have become a popular attraction for Chicago’s counter-culture.

Unknown to the general public, the Abattoir is considered neutral ground for many supernaturals in the area. Hostility is strictly prohibited by general consensus, and strictly enforced by the members of the Abattoir. Awakened of many different stripes meet up there to take care of business in the private rooms, sometimes taking in private shows through the process. Indeed, some other less savory sorts also take advantage of the Abattoir’s hospitality and neutrality.

The cabal has a reputation of being particularly fierce, when the need calls for it. As a result, few question the armistice within the walls of the Abattoir. Indeed, many have seen some of the torturous performances within the Abattoir, and wondered just how much of it is for show.

The establishment itself is setteled into a neighborhood of entertainement venues and bars near Edgewater in nothren Chicago land. The interior of the building still maintains many of the original fixtures of the theater it once was. The main lobby is littered with comfy lounges, benches and tables for discreet conversation. The former concessions have been transformed into a full bar.

The former cinema rooms have been updated to become slightly slooped dance floors. The cinema stages have been build out to accomidate full floor shows, and the aisles have been built into raised platforms for erotic dancers to perform.

The Abattoir

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