The Harbingers

Based out of Chicago.

Papa Ghede
Gabriel Gray
Mr. Mojo Risin’

Based out of Chicago, this cabal quickly made a name for itself thoguht is cut throat and morally questionable actions. Not feeling at right about the actions of their cabal, Papa Ghede and Mercutio decided that it was in their best interest to find a new cabal. To distance themselves from their newly former cabal mates they fled to KC. With the aid of the Concillium, they were placed in a new cabal by the name of [[Thermite Inc. | Thermite Inc.]].

Soon after for his own reasons Gabriel Gray also left the cabal. He didn’t like the cards he had been dealt by the leader Onyx. With her direction the cabal had been hunting down and killing mages. Some fell victim even further by having the souls removed. It was these actions that drove him to want to hunt down and kill the remaining members.

(details of the Harbingers will be corrected at a later time.)

The Harbingers

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