Thermite Inc

Current Local: Chicago
Origin: South Kansas City MO

Original Members:
Robin Goodfellow
Papa Ghede

Cabal Allies:
> Ophelia Nightengale
> Kaze
> Gabriel Gray
> Dante Jensen
> Gero

Thermite Inc. was a rag tag group of mages that found themselves mostly because they couldn’t fit in with anyone else. Two members Papa Ghede, and Mercutio, were former members of The Harbingers, who found that cabals methods not to their liking. They relocated in KC and were given a home by the Concillium with Thermite Inc. as a probationary arrangement, as the Harbingers were known for their ruthless and cut throat ways, it was felt that these two had to prove that they were trust worthy and untainted by their past. It was tasked to Robin Goodfellow, Malakai, Hinata, and Cloverfield to give them a home and get them on the straight and narrow. From there on it was a love hate relationship. The new members though unsavory at times, were nothing like their former cabal mates.

As time passed, the group became pretty tight knit. They kept to themselves and helped keep the streets of their neighborhood safe from the uglies that go bump in the night. Every now and then they would be called upon by their superiors to assist the awakened community. It was in doing this duty that they seemingly lost, then gained their first set of fresh blood in a good while.

While investivaging a report of a strange death on their turf, it was uncovered that a rogue group of mages had shown up in town. Through their investigation they were found out by the prey they were searching for. A strange man on a motorcycle attacked the cabal and soon met his end. It was learned that the fellow had been a member of the Harbingers by the name of Paragon. He was especially skilled in mind magic and had not been an easy adversary to take down. He was unexpectedly and surprisingly hard to kill the second time around when he (recently turned zombie) and a team of undead showed up outside their hallow. The battle had been especially traumatizing to Hinata who had nearly been killed by the horde. After the battle she was not quite her self and had decided to go on hiatus to recoup.

It was also thanks to this skirmish that the cabal ran into legal issues. Due to the very public demonstration of fire power and large body cound (the undead) the entire cabal had been arrested and send to jail. It was when their legal council arrived that they found their newest tag along. Her name was Ophelia Nightengale. It was Ophelias job to get the cabal out of their legal predicament. She soon took up residence with her retainer Dante Jensenin the abandoned home out side the cabal sanctum and inserted herself into the goings on of the cabal with intention of reporting back to the concillium. She soon found herself rather annoyed with the bureaucratic bull and stopped reporting in, finding she enjoyed her new home.

So sets the plot leading to the demise of Thermite Inc., with the arival of The Harbingers into the KC area. Once in town the cabal took no time at all killing off other mages. To what end was not ever really clearly known. While in KC they also put in motion steps to what they thought would pave the way for the death god Gravewatcher.

The Harbringers laid claim to their first victim with the Thermite member Cloverfield. Cloverfield was taken during a battle at the known sanctum of The Collective. Thermite Inc. had been sent to check on the safety of The Collective soon after a catastrophic flood had hit the city. Once they arrived, they were ambushed by members of the The Harbingers. Onyx, and Mr. Mojo Risin’. During the battle Cloverfield was abducted by Mr. Mojo Risin’ and has not been seen since. It should be noted that Robin Goodfellow however did scry that he was still alive and living in the streets of KC soon after the mass exodus of KC after the rise of Gravewatcher. He was dressed in rags and huddled on the street, living like a homeless vagabond.

Also lost this night was an ally by the name of Gero. Gero was sent to Thermite Inc. on behest of the Probost to help establish a Hallow in the area. As he was tagging along with the group however, he was placed in harms way and was recalled during the ambush, by his handlers.

It was this night that they were to unknowingly gain future members of their cabal. Once The Harbingers had fled with Cloverfield, the cabal set out to look for them in the building. As they were running throught the halls they ran into Gabriel Gray. He had tracked the Harbingers to the Theather as well and was after them for personal realsons. For the time being in was in both parties intrests so they teamed up. Shortly there after they found their second soon to be future member. Kaze. Kaze had been hiding during the attack by the Harbingers. Once he established that the people roaming his sanctum were not the Harbringers or a threat, he made his presence known. It was through him and mostly Gabriel, who was able to understand Kaze’s Japanese, and translate, that they learned the fate of The Collective. All but him had been murdered by The Harbingers.

During the catastrophic flood that had taken the city and amongst the confusion of their investigations, Malakai had revieved direct orders from her order. She was to report for active duty assisting in the clean up and safty of the city through the National Guard. Soon after she was specially assigned by the Concillium to head of up a team of awakened to mount a direct attack on the Harbringers and newly summoned death god Gravewatcher. It was during this fight that while weilding Nigling, Malakai and her team were struck down. But, not before killing all remaining members of the Harbrings, witht he exception of Onyx. At the last moment Onyx fled through the very portal Gravewatcher was to emerge from. Soon after, a mass exodus was issued to all the awakened in the city. Gravewatcher had taken hold and their was nothing that could have been done to prevent it nor stop him.

The final loss to Thermite Inc. that fell prey to the Harbingers was Hinata. Apon returning to her apartment one evening, during her hiatus, she was taken captive by the Harbinger leader Onyx. Once in their clutches they proceded to beat, rape, torture and most tragically took her soul from her body and left her on the street to die. Someone found her on the street, and she was taken to the hospital. She was later taken from the hospital by her cabal mates to learn of her ill fate via a dream journey, as the doctors could find no reason for her comotose state.. Once they learned of her trauma they left her in what they thought was the safety of their sanctum. They soon found the folly of their ways when they came to retrieve her comotose body during the great exodus. When they returned to their sanctum home they found it blown to bits. No one could have survived an explosion of that magnitude. In their grief they got in the car and drove to Chicago, for their home city was no longer safe.

So marks the end of Thermite Inc. Once in Chicago they felt the name no longer felt right. Most of their cabal mates had befallen tragic ends by the hands of the Harbingers. It was with this grief that a new cabal was formed. Pieced together of the remenants of the Harbingers victims, they said never again, and with that, Soul’s Refuge was born.

Thermite Inc

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