Souls' Refuge

Drugs are bad, mmmm k

Ophelia was given orders to look into the drug that may or may not be causing people to become awakened and put a stop to it. So she quickly put Kaze to work doing just that. Informing him, the only connection they had to the drug was a fraternity at the University of Illinois.

Kaze decided the best course of action was to infiltrate the fraternity so he decided to enroll in college. As the fall semester had already started he looked to do a late enrollment but due to a language barrier and unfortunate string of events end up being band from campus unless he could gets enrolled in the college.

Not feeling let down he decided to just show up to the fraternity and hopefully find a party he could blend in to while doing some covert surveillance. No such luck, as no body was home. He decided it was time for a little B&E. He waited to make sure no one was home. While he waited Mike showed up, out of his mind and without eyes. However Mike did not let them him stop from seeing. He turned to Kaze who had been hiding quite well in the bushes and asked for his assistance as Kaze “Had the light”. Presumably he wanted his help to awaken. Kaze agreed on one condition; if it works you shall do no harm to a living soul.

Kaze sent out an SOS to Ophelia that went unanswered. So next he decided to enlist the help of Dr. Grey and Robin via a text. “Grab the suitcase from my house and bring it to the fraternity”. As Robin busy with a floating safe he declined not to help and sent Dr. Grey to assist.

Kaze, under the instruction of Matt, made the potion to bring him to the light. After drinking said potion Mike went unconscious shortly after a loud hysterical fit of madness. Which brought the cops. Explaining it away as a D&D campaign getting out of control and letting the cops search the premises they were happy to let the noise complaint slide with a warning.

Dr. Grey showed up and attended to Matt while Kaze loaded all the contraband he had used to make the potion into the car. Kaze searched the house as Dr. Grey took the contraband and Mike to the bookstore. Kaze found a small thumb drive before heading out and leaving behind the mysterious suitcase.

Dr. Grey took Matt inside the bookstore he called home to keep a close medical supervision on him. Shortly there after Kaze shows, at the same time Mercutio pulls with a crew in 8 black vans. Kaze took cover while Mercutio jumps out of one of the vans. He walks up to the front door and kicks it in . Then as if out of a movie Mercutio unload on the floor around him. Robin in the basment not knowing what is going on sets off the alarm. Then Mercutio jumps and falls through to the basement where he nonchalantly starts a conversation with Robin about wanting what he has in the safe, letting him know that by saying no he was making a grave mistake. Robin knowing Mercutio, declines and asks him to leave as he has overstayed his welcome. Mercutio leaves without the item in the safe.

Kaze decides it is a good time to relocate the car full of contraband before the cops show up and start asking questions.

Once the cops do show up Dr. Grey decides to take lead and smooth over the situation. Which he does with all the grace of a one legged gazelle running from a cheetah. Robin decides to save a drowning man and steps up. He tells the cops Mercutio broke into his store, shot up the floor then stole his car. The police liking Robin’s explanation of the chain of events that had happened write out a police report and say a detective my be around in a day or so to talk further.

Flash forward to Kaze. He gives all the contraband to his order and tells them he left the suitcase in the basement of the fraternity as instructed. Meanwhile he gets a text from Robin saying “Cars hot”. Lost in translation Kaze feels the hood and says no its cool and goes for a joy ride where he is picked up by the police and taken to jail.


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