Souls' Refuge


It is Sunday night, the night at Jeffrey’s party. Papa has put together quite the party for Jeffrey. As Robin pulls up to the Arcana Cabana he sees whites lights crisscrossing in the sky, hears loud music and the seas Jeffrey getting out of the limo with a woman on either side of him, shortly followed by his wife. His wife looks none to happy as a two women on their side of her husband are getting more than a little friend. He pushes them off and takes his wives hand. Robin gets out of his car rubs his temples and thanks to himself I don’t have time for this shit. He takes a moment to get a his thoughts together and on himself he casts the perfect moment. He starts to clear out the Arcana cabana and direct them to Papa’s candy factory. Papa says he does not want them at his place as a secret base. What is the point of a secret base if everyone knows where it is. Gabriel decides to intervene and casts inspiration on Papa tells him maybe a party at the candy factory would be a good idea. Papa decides yes it would be a good idea to have a party at the candy factory. He thinks to himself. I get to sell more drugs I can charge another door charge, I can make a good amount more money by doing this. The party moves to the candy factory and the night ends in a disco rave a Papa’s candy factory.

The next day is Monday and the crew goes about the daily lives; going to work, taking care of bills and whatever else they do during the week. Gabriel feeling obligated to Mawena decides to do something nice for her. Over the next week while she’s at work he slowly but surely methodically works on her garden that resides on the top of the Arcana Cabana. Mawena notices that somebody has been working on the garden does not bring it up to anyone in the house. Which is just fine with Gabriel.

Papa all week long works on making a breakthrough with life magic. Slowly but surely he gains a little ground each day. Suddenly, all once the magic is clear to him everything makes since. Life is all connected, the strings are all connected, he is now a master of life magic able to bend life to his will as he sees fit. Mercutio has been acting weird for quite some time. Papa decides to investigate. He slowly slowly scrutinizes Mercutio . After a bit he sees something wrong. There something in his brain that is not quite right. Papa slowly but surely works against whatever darkness is afflicting Mercutio’s brain. Mercutio slowly coming out of haze he has been in says “about time you fixed what was wrong with me”.

All week long Robin Ophelia and Gabriel have this nagging feeling that something is working against them, making things not happen as they should. There unable to put their finger on it and push it off paranoia and none of them brings it up to the other.

It is now Friday and everyone shows up for the usual meeting at the Arcana Cabana. Papa has made a small stick figure like creature that he has brought with him and offers it to Ophelia as a pet. Everyone does not know what to make of this and tries to pass the little stick creature off on the next person. Finally after an hour or so has gone by the poor stick figure stops being alive and become just a pile of dirt and twigs

The gang decides to start discussing what they will do for the weekend. They decided that they must take care of Krampus and hopefully bring the children back to their parents. Robin takes the eggnog that Mawena and Gabriel procured from Jeffrey’s wife. Robin scrutinizes it looking for any links between the eggnog and its creator. Slowly but surely he realizes that the location where this was made could not not nr too far from where they are now. He is sure if they travel just a little bit he wuold recognize the place where the eggnog came from. As the gang is getting ready to leave who’s pulls up but Mercutio. You all think I’m crazy I know but I’m not. Ophelia where is your phone going when you make a call. She says to whomever I call? No but before that where does it go, Mercutio asks? She decides to see where the signal does. She slowly but surely realizes that her phone is being tapped by an unknown IP. She blinks and thinks about it for a moment. She asks Mawena for her phone to try to see if it is also tapped. Slowly but surely she takes everyone’s phone and they all are tapped by mysterious IP. She tells the gang what he has decovered, thanks to Merctio. Robin says “Gabriel smash them”. Gabriel goes inside and gets a sledgehammer and comes back outside. He picks up the phones and smash them one by one by one. Ophelia is none to happy about this and asks “who is going to buy me a new phone”. Robin groans, “I will buy you a new phone”

No longer worried about being tracked the gang sets out. They drive for an hour or so till Robin comes up on old brewery. He is sure this is the place where the eggnog has come from. He drives a couple blocks away and parks his car. The Gang unloads from the cars and slowly but surly makes their way back to the brewery. They walk around the building to see if there’s an easy way in. As they do Gabriel search for consciousness inside the building. He detects one alien presence and four human consciousnesses. He tells the gang there is something in there and they have people with them. Around back of the building there’s a fire escape and Gabriel climbs it quickly. As he makes it look in the top of the building he looks for skylight. As he climbs the rest the gang head for the front building. Gabriel quickly notices there are no skylights on top of the building and he makes his way down the building and catches up with the rest the gang.

At the front of the building they try the front door and it is locked but only for a moment before Ophelia’s magic unlocks it. They walk in and notice only one large vat in the brewery. At one time there were probably more judging from large rings on the floor. Robin opens the the valve on the vat slowly to let a little of what resides in the vat out to see what is in this massive tank. He recognizes the liquid that comes out to be the same eggnog that has been showing up in peoples houses. The same houses where their children have gone missing and the parents had been losing their minds.

The basement Gabriel says, I can since the consciousnesses below us. Robin and Gabriel look around a few moments and they find a trap door leading down. Gabriel goes first and he starts to make his way down the stairs. As he does he starts to work some magic. He looks suddenly more like an Olympian athlete; fit, agile, just more then he was just a moment ago. As he gets halfway down the stairs hears a voice “who enters my abode”. Gabriel shines the flashlight around the room and notices children locked in a cage and in the corner yellow eyes fixed on him. He moves the flashlight to the corner and sees what he beleaves to be Krampus. He replies “I have brought someone who wishes to talk to you” as he finishes going down the stairs; stalling for time. At the top of the stairs Papa works his magic. His muscles begin to grow and grow as they ripped through his shirt. Ophelia makes her way down trying to hide in the darkness. Mawena follows close behind and starts to speak to say we are here for the children. Krampus says I have acquired these children fairly in hunt. Do you wish to steal what I have rightly taken? Mawena says “these are my kin and I am here take them back”. “These are non-of your blood, you have no claim on them” grumbles Krampus. Gabriel projects to her mind “Jeffrey Jenkins has sent us to reclaim his son”. “Jeffrey Jenkins is one of my vessel’s. His son you have taken and I have claim on him. I have come to take him back along with the other three children.” “It’s a challenge you offer then” Krampus replies “name your sphere of battle”. Mawena thinks "I choose entertainment (after all she’s a dancer very good one at that). “I do not accept these terms, I will keep these children and you may go”. “Are you afraid” questions Mawena? Krampus laughs “You amuse me I will allow you the Jeffrey’s child, take him and go”. Gabriel is not willing not leave any of the children with Krampus. He slowly but surely walks across the room to free all the children. As he does Krampus reaches out to grab his wrist but miss.

A fight ensues, Pap rushes Krampus with his Bowie knife stabbing him. Mercutio fires from up the stairs. Gabriel casts the evil eye on Krampus. Mawena acts to strike it with her dagger severely misses, thinking to her self this is useless she goes to the cage to let the children out. As she does Ophelia locks the cage to the children may be taken away. Krampus swipes at Gabriel again. Gabriel dodges and it looks like something out of kung fu movie. The children “cry did you see that?” as their disbelief unravels Gabriel’s spells. Gabriel starts to casts a spell. He feels it start to rip a part and go wild and he takes a hit to his life to keep it together. He slowly starts to grow muscles. And his body resembles that of Papa now and he moves to attack Krampus. Another stab from Papa, another shot from Mercutio and Robin cast suppurative luck on Gabriel. Gabriel prepares to strike knowing that he will strike true but before he can Krampus yells “I yield, Spare me on this day and I will graduate debt that is owed to me” and the children will be yours. Gabriel says “and you’ll shall hunt no more in the city”! Mawena says “shush I will talk here you insubordinate fool.” “I find these terms acceptable but as subordinate has mentioned you shall hunt Chicago no more”. Krampus agrees and says on the solstice say my name three times and I will give you what is owed." I will move on from Chicago to hunt here no more as grounds are protected.

The gang work the rest of the night getting the four children returned to their parents. As they do Papa lifts the vale that was placed upon them by the eggnog restoring their memories of the child they lost.


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