Souls' Refuge

Lets make a deal

The gang gathers at the Arcana cabana. They are ready to strike off into the never never and retrieve a Sulstone for Gabriel. They all pile into Robin’s car and head off. They drive and drive until they come to a small abandon house the garage off the side. This is where it is Mawena says. They walk up to the garage and Mawena opens the door and there’s nothing inside but an empty garage. She laughs at her self she’s forgotten something she close the door takes a moment to gather power and reopens the door. This time you see into the never never be careful she says. Make no deals with anyone eat nothing except no gifts.

The gang for the arises the travel here is not the same as the trouble in the real world. A straight line does not necessarily lead you straight. Three rides don’t necessarily make you end up where you started. For this reason they all follow Mawena as she leads the way. The walk for quite a while Mawena and Robin step over a route. As soon as they get over the route it becomes alive and starts to attack lashes out at ophelia but comes up just short. Ophelia shapes a solid wall of air in front of her to protect her from the root. Mawena yells out don’t let it touch you. Gabriel makes tactical retreat as Papa pushes forward with his iron Bowie knife and starts hacking at the root. Robin let’s of a round with the shotgun. The root lashes out and hits Ophelia but she shrugs it off. After another stab of Papa’s knife and a round from Robin’s shotgun the vine dies. Out spews a heart and it speaks “let me live…” Then with out hesitation Papa stabs the heart and it withers and dies. They continue on looking for the troll when they come upon a familiar face. Hello Mawena she hears. I am surprised to see you here mother would be interested to here you have come home. I would prefer you not tell her I am here. Well I think we can come to some type of deal. I tell you what a favor for a favor, I will not tell her you are here if you do me a small favor to be named in the future in the land of the mortals? Mawena begrudgingly accepts with the add on that he tell us where Arabec is located. He gives directions that no one seems to understand but Mawena. They continue on till they come to a small hut that seems in a clearing that fit the destination of where Mawena’s friend had described where it should have been. Just as they start to look into the hit it stands up. Holly hell says Robin. What do you want. Gabriel speaks up, you took something that does not belong to you and we are here to retrieve it. I tell you what I will make you a deal I need you to be an ambassador to the winter court. After what seemed to be an hour of talking in a mental connection Gabriel had set up about how they were not to make deals, that it would be easier to kill him and how that would bring Mawena’s mother, Mawena accepts. Ophelia transcribes as Arabec talks. Arabec takes his seal from the ground and seals the request to the winter court.

They spend many an hours trying to make their way out out because Mawena would not accept Gabriel’s help. After she finally accepts his help they are out in 15 minutes.

Before they leave Robin casts some bad luck on Gabriel because of the resistance and anoyance of accepting deal from Arabec faster.

They make there way back to the Arcana Cabana and slowly realize that 2 months have passed. Everyone takes time to contact their jobs and not get fired and pay past due bills.


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