Souls' Refuge

The Awkward car ride

A couple days pass and the gang goes on with their day to day lives. Opheilia works a forensic mortician, Robin runs his book store, Gabriel goes to the hospital, Papa helps others improve the quality of their recreational lives, Merctio works on building a garage in an old run down candy factory and Dante does whatever it is that a Dante does.

Robin wakes to an early morning call from Genji asking about the robot. Answers a few other questions that he wanted to and blew off the rest. Then gives him Mercutio’s number, after all he is the one working on it.

Genji plays phone tag and feels the lack of cooperation from the gang decides it would be best to have a face to face with everyone and schedules one for the next night.

The next day before the meeting Gabriel has a discussion with Robin about going to the Harbingers old hideout. It occurs to Gabriel that their yet may be a soulstone there form him. After all Demesne are made from using them and he knows that they could have used his for such things. As it was made to be an evil place by the years of horrible things that happened their Gabriel did not want to venture into the place alone and asks the gang to assist him on said task.

Genji shows up and the meeting takes a different tone. He is asking questions about the robot, the Deeps, and Matt. The questions are answered as best they can be but for the most part not answered at all. As the gang has been working on answers they have normal lives that have to lead as well. They make a promise to look more into the robot over the next day and next night they will go with him to look into the Deeps.

The next day after breakfast the gang heads out to the old Harbingers demesne. They get there and find the old building in state of ruin that suggests that no one has been their in years. Gabriel leads the gang to the old demesne, which is below the building in what appears to be the basement of the building. It is a good sized room, about that of a four car garage, and before you enter you are hit with a sense of unease and horror. Gabriel says “I do not miss that feeling one bit. Be on guard we don’t know what kind of fouls beasts may live in this place”.

They get into the demesne and Gabriel goes to work. He starts to scrutinize room looking for a soul-stone. After a few minutes he locates the source of the rooms power. He goes to the wall and points to it. “Its behind here” he says as he looks at Ophelia for a helping hand. She walks up to the wall and punches it a few time and removes the debris from the hole. She sees the soul-stone and quickly snatches it up. Much faster than Gabriel gave her credit for being.

As she ponders over the stone, Gabriel asks for it. Ophelia does not comply with his wishes. So Gabriel pauses for a moment with his hand out. Seeing she is not going to give him the stone he moves as quickly as he can to snatch it from her.

Success, he was quite faster than she was this time and she seems a little annoyed by this but says nothing. After a few minutes of looking it over Gabriel says “This is not my soul-stone but it could lead us to one of the other Harbingers. As most of the other Harbingers are dead my best guess is that it will lead us to Onyx.”

Ophelia gets sick by the idea of the soul-stone and it not belonging to Gabriel. Hows could it be, what did the person go through that they took it from. She gets over whelmed and out of the demesne she runs. Up stairs she starts to throw-up and enters a fugue state.

Plop! Gabriel feels something land on his head then his shoulder then grab onto his hair. He rolls to the floor trying to avoid what ever it is coming after him but its to late. A small brownie(Name) lands on his head. As Gabriel is sitting on the floor the brownie from atop his head says “hello what are you doing in my home.”.

Mawena and Gabby (A happy go lucky Brownie) have a discussion about how the gang has indentured on his home and what they can do to make it up to her. Gabby asks if Mawena has claim to these pets she travels with. “I like this one, he smells good. He reminds me of a stone I once had.” A million things run through Gabriel’s mind and he prepairs himself to nicely interrogate Gabby to find out about this stone. Mawena says I tell you what I will give you this metal back massage to make up for the intrusion. It was a long purple cylinder tube that sparkled in the light. Gabby thought this was an acceptable exchange for the intrusion of his home.

As soon as Mawena was done with her conversation, Gabriel started in. So about this stone that you use to have that smelled like me, do you know where it is now. Gabby says that it was stolen from her a while ago by a green meanie that like to come take her things. She said she had lost a lot of things to this big green meanie. Gabriel says he would happily retrieve all her things if were able to keep said stone. He just needed all the information (Brownie) could provide to him.

After Gabriel and Gabby were done finishing up their conversation Ophelia comes back down and demands that Gabriel give her the stone as it did not belong to him.

“It does not belong to you either” he insists “but I was the one how found it. Also it will possible lead me to more of the soul stones that I need. You have no use for it.”

Ophelia does not care and insist that it be given to her as no good can come from Gabriel owning it. Gabriel insists that can use it to recover some soul stones that belong to him and will not be returning it. After many words are exchanged and the argument does not appear to be progressing in the direction Ophelia she decides to up the anti.

With just a thought and a moments passing Gabriel’s shirt turns to granite . Give it to me she insists. Gabriel now infuriated “Turn it back he demands”. Ophelia says no and demands the stone once again.

He pulls forth his power and gains great strength and breaks him self out of the granite shirt. Mawena steps in and says the stone is safe Gabriel you can have it once we get back to the house. Mawena had Puck steal it while Ophelia and Gabriel were arguing. She did not want to see a fight.

Gabriel’s rage grows. These people agreed to come help him and now were doing everything but, there was a wrecking coming. “Give it back NOW!” Gabriel demands. Mawena says the stone is safe at (Bookstore) and he can have it back once they get to the store. Gabriel takes a long look around the room and is unable to see any signs of it.

He thinks to himself, “She must have sent it to the (Bookstore) some how”. Running out of patients and options he makes his way to the car.

After a long car ride home with no one saying a word they make it back to (Bookstore). Once they get in the front door, Gabriel immediately asks for the shard. Mawena gives it to Puck (Her mighty ferret) to take to Robin. Gabriel tired of playing games looks at Puck and without saying a word commands the ferret to give the stone to him, and the ferret immediately walks it over to him and places it in his hand. And that is where we leave our mighty adventurers till next week.


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